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60 Members with the most friends
20294 jonze4890 wyoming3183530 barrymz22763 milf_raquel
13366 aceweems4787 46SIZE23494 kmoel2736 bbcfanasty
9878 hunkychunky4756 sharkygirl3412 Thorsten352726 Tasties
9250 robertkl4588 huskerjackie3399 starbrite1012716 rockymountain
9174 frodiggity4333 jim078763286 Sweet Pearl2669 recs
8605 BirdLover4286 Mukai3269 dillaboy2659 charles1_de
7982 smoky584264 wewantagirl693256 koberec2630 brutus69
6157 gunseelong4054 Shyanne693178 DJSwing2601 Crazy2SexU
5949 fukngruvn4050 booblover753008 iron_horse2573 ShyMature
5695 balhannah13992 nastymomof22958 Jbomb862570 kuifje
5657 specter13877 msstoner2936 hard6up2538 Ruffrider69
5595 jizzforfuncouple3859 amyscott2888 chocstar2487 xxxtim
5222 wetpantyliner3811 9inchsolid2879 clinker2482 _Barney_
5089 wisconsinboy3549 dirtyfuckslut2868 joshke082471 busterred
5012 fisher3d3535 rufustfirefly12823 pali562445 Iloveclits_48
60 Members that have made the most friend requests
69460 jonze13401 wisconsinboy9890 toolmaster8458 floraboy
50153 aceweems13035 9inchsolid9860 joshke088342 brutus69
43481 robertkl11972 jizzforfuncouple9853 gunghoxxx8171 cocowboy
38178 smoky5811846 nastymomof29358 Ruffrider698122 sidders73
31424 hunkychunky11828 booblover759317 kmoel8038 chocstar
29520 frodiggity11736 Thorsten359309 rufustfirefly17952 billybonk69
24903 BirdLover11712 clinker9268 lilolboy7932 agoodboy469
24785 fisher3d11647 barrymz29123 tanman507851 starbrite101
20433 specter111175 charles1_de8943 wewantagirl697824 Fiat600
19522 wyoming31810529 Mukai8834 rockymountain7650 doublbb
16801 balhannah110501 Graham158773 Shyanne697626 bivirgin692000
15678 fukngruvn10473 Mr far2shy8683 iron_horse7568 121Tigger
15359 gunseelong10392 urlickingmale8578 petefrombris7518 Turb0
15273 dillaboy10303 Iloveclits_488519 recs7483 aka_aga
14413 jim0787610075 pali568482 _Barney_7415 haka01
60 Members that have received the most friend requests
9558 wetpantyliner3535 Monysocal2849 YoungCouple4u2512 MissAshlee
7461 sharkygirl3468 DJSwing2845 milf_raquel2494 sexy_honey
7108 huskerjackie3323 masterstoy912815 Lil_Bunz2493 GottaBeMe
6312 46SIZE23264 youthere772802 foxilady2457 German Girl
5687 amyscott3228 fkmywife2715 DianaPana2452 bllfll
5418 dirtyfuckslut3217 sarina51692680 luvasia2438 ukliz
5176 Lexilove3140 juicy2670 agent42428 busterred
4665 Sweet Pearl3133 SexyEnglishBabe2658 nickey692400 dme123
4548 curvybunz3132 DeDeSizzling2651 Elli2395 sexy mom of 4
4463 yummycupcake3115 kati14megson2636 LeluLove2391 c10vm
4197 Dirty_Sweet3069 you want me2620 licksipsuckit2391 Mindy
4058 Box of Stars3008 Channelkitty2574 BirdLover2367 fitbabe
3919 Sassypants2970 gilagain69692571 Freckles2310 Mrs Funtease69
3702 Just a Little Trashy2957 lisa loves sperm2539 hotstacy2290 MarkandLacey
3673 Sexyuk12908 koberec2518 bj babe2273 buyslutwife
60 Members that have declined the most friend requests
3185 masterstoy911126 Pinky_pussy803 Lexilove685 cowgirl
2649 you want me1066 kricket187796 jack226685 prettyfootjunkie
2436 Lil_Bunz1003 patchandwheels793 petiteprincess680 _lady
1980 nickey69994 builtforpleasure769 jackmylumber663 forts
1910 Monysocal988 Tastytoes2766 niceonesus661 adelaide_mf
1781 agent4965 hellokitty76758 tinytitties69659 amps79
1504 kati14megson964 mysty&max756 Allure652 unsullied
1495 fitbabe947 cassielez726 blue377651 DJSwing
1450 dme123914 Ley-dd725 bethann4612629 Sassypants
1431 pyjamajay914 youthere77720 sasha29622 Sportylady
1262 smokem903 FitToy4Lv719 ONE4FUN618 heatherparry
1232 GottaBeMe902 onehorneycouple713 lena870614 life_erotic
1215 Freckles873 just perve696 Ave3304605 kxfreak
1163 gilagain6969859 funigurl694 Nortynort605 R&K
1138 Zatanna_Zatara820 SexyEnglishBabe687 BerniePeachybum605 Tightpussy_18
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