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Tue, 7-Apr-20 4:25 PM (5 minutes ago)
Ok I'm off,kind of dozing and need to wake up...sitting here staring at my screen is not keeping me awake...Buh-Byesmile
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Tue, 7-Apr-20 4:20 PM (10 minutes ago)
Got asked by two Thai girls if I wanted a threesome. They said it would be like winning the lottery. To my horror they were right. We had 6 matching balls. grin
I was in the shower today and I thought, you know what, it has to be done! grin
(7 minutes ago)
You'll have to pair both pics lol
(6 minutes ago)
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I'll blog them if you're happy about it.
(5 minutes ago)
(5 minutes ago)
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Cool grin
(5 minutes ago)
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Tue, 7-Apr-20 4:15 PM (15 minutes ago)
Hello everyone smile
All that I can carry sad
(4 minutes ago)
Can't you get anyone to help?
(3 minutes ago)
a yeast feast
(2 minutes ago)
Deliveries have stopped now.. Same over there ?
(1 minute ago)
Deliveries are fine here
(0 minutes ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 4:06 PM (23 minutes ago)
Blog updated. Finally finished the account of our first day. We packed a lot in. smile A & J xXx
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Tue, 7-Apr-20 4:03 PM (27 minutes ago)
I hope somebody can talk to me (only girls, please)
you do realize theres less than 10% women here
(21 minutes ago)
Good luck!
(7 minutes ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 3:39 PM (51 minutes ago)
National Beer Day. I'm going bar hopping. Drink two beers in each room of my house
I would be totally pissed if i did that moose 16 in mine lol
(28 minutes ago)
^^^ I've been 4 upped...lol
(21 minutes ago)
Hi moosesmile
(19 minutes ago)
waves to adele from a safe internet social distance
(17 minutes ago)
A tray of beer in all rooms (flat)..That would do nicely. smile.... Lock Down thumbup1...LOL
(10 minutes ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 3:10 PM (1 hour ago)
Spammer in forum ,,,, kenteom
All gone. smile. Somebody gagged him too. smile
(1 hour ago)
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Hi beautifulsmile
(20 minutes ago)
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hola gf
(20 minutes ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 3:06 PM (1 hour ago)
Nice walleye, though. blink
Enjoy! xoxox
(1 hour ago)
Hi M&Dsmile
(21 minutes ago)
the walls have eyes?
(14 minutes ago)
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@ Moose,I thought the hills had eyes?confused
(13 minutes ago)
but the night has a thousand eyes
(6 minutes ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 2:55 PM (1 hour ago)
Enjoying all the attention from everyone thanks for all the likes and comments
Lady sucking cock .....what’s not to likewink
(1 hour ago)
Thank you!!
(1 hour ago)
You are so sexy and really know how to treat a cock by the looks of it!!!! Wish you would c hat to make me cum now that you have me hard!!!!
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 2:21 PM (2 hours ago)
I bumped into an old friend the other day.............he’s got poor eyesight tootongue
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(2 hours ago)
Dr I feel like a pair of curtains...............pull yourself together man!
(2 hours ago)
grin hi Cunnysmile
(21 minutes ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 2:18 PM (2 hours ago)
There's something happening here...what it is ain't exactly clear....
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paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep
(2 hours ago)
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Tue, 7-Apr-20 2:18 PM (2 hours ago)
Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.
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Hi spunkysmile
(21 minutes ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 2:16 PM (2 hours ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 2:12 PM (2 hours ago)
horny now
Tue, 7-Apr-20 2:08 PM (2 hours ago)
*peeks in* how is everyone today?
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Hi Mr., glad to hear it. Good here too.
(2 hours ago)
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Excellentgrin I like those Boobz
(2 hours ago)
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Better now, thank you
(1 hour ago)
Alrite for now, just jetwashed corner patioarea, next is the main patio area. sad
(40 minutes ago)
Hi Boobzsmile
(20 minutes ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 1:59 PM (2 hours ago)
New dog at the rescue taught another dog (Dexter) how to flip his food bowl, so I bought Dexter a wide base no-tip bowl. Fiance just sent me a pic of the upside down bowl and Dexter grinning LOL
OMG he's beautiful! His big brown eyes.. God I need a dog LOL
(1 hour ago)
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He reminds me of the staffy that bulldozed me last year. He and his friend were in an unlocked yard and heard me speak on the phone. They knocked me off my bycicle & covered me in sloppy kisses LOL
(1 hour ago)
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Haha they are crafty buggers
(41 minutes ago)
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Hi happysmile
(20 minutes ago)
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Hi Adele grin
(12 minutes ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 1:14 PM (3 hours ago)
Full Moon in Libra at 10:35 pm EDT dontcha know
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Tue, 7-Apr-20 1:12 PM (3 hours ago)
I said to my doctor, "I have got a problem with the hearing in one of my ears." He asked, "Are you sure?" I said, "Yes I'm definite." smile
It's going to be like this (or worse) until social distancing is over. smile
(3 hours ago)
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I think you and Emu should get togethersmilegrin ....hey clittysmile
(26 minutes ago)
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Agrees with raine, that just leaves us two love wink nice
(25 minutes ago)
I resemble this joke...
(20 minutes ago)
smile hi lipraspberry
(19 minutes ago)
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Tue, 7-Apr-20 12:28 PM (4 hours ago)
Today will require copious amounts of coffee and NN... Morning everyone
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Tue, 7-Apr-20 12:13 PM (4 hours ago)
Woke up with a rock solid hard cock time to wake my girl up and have her enjoy my COCK
Tue, 7-Apr-20 11:49 AM (4 hours ago)
Yawn!! Good morning
Tue, 7-Apr-20 11:42 AM (4 hours ago)
Girlfriend and I want to exchange nudes with other couples smile
just post them here and we will enjoy
(4 hours ago)
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Tue, 7-Apr-20 11:18 AM (5 hours ago)
Hi guys thinking of uploading a video ,are the rules the same as putting on photos ? Help please SS xxxx
(5 hours ago)
same rules, can
(4 hours ago)
can't wait to see you in action
(4 hours ago)
So looking forward to you posting a video.
(4 hours ago)
(2 hours ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 10:55 AM (5 hours ago)
Tuesday's knickers are late. Uploaded now. Sorry x
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if they were late, did they almost miss the photo? tongue
(5 hours ago)
looking good to me javascript:ViewPhoto('ViewPhoto.asp?ID=16148403&AT=U&SB=' + escape('MrsPandy') + '&OB=D&p0=16148538&p1=16149279&p2=0&p3=0&p4=0&p5=0&p6=0&p7=0&p8=0&p9=0&n0=16147822&n1=16147653&n2=16
(4 hours ago)
(4 hours ago)
Tue, 7-Apr-20 10:39 AM (5 hours ago)
Horny, need a good suck n fuck
Like a dragon vacuumimg?
(5 hours ago)
Or vacuuming.. Either is fine apparently
(5 hours ago)
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