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Sun, 12-Jul-20 7:56 PM (5 minutes ago)
Had a pretty good birthday so far but spending tomorrow night with the absolutely incredible fading_light99 will be the best part! heartheart
Sun, 12-Jul-20 7:55 PM (6 minutes ago)
Had a g
Good birthday? Happy birthday!
(5 minutes ago)
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Sun, 12-Jul-20 7:54 PM (7 minutes ago)
Once upon a time...
Poor Honkey donkey had a very wonky walk...
(2 minutes ago)
And it only had one eye...
(2 minutes ago)
And 3 legs
(1 minute ago)
He had a friend that was a m.onkey.
(1 minute ago)
Who was very funky
(0 minutes ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 7:51 PM (10 minutes ago)
Any more ideas for new photos, or videos I could do?
Sun, 12-Jul-20 7:19 PM (42 minutes ago)
tired but horny
All day every day
(11 minutes ago)
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Sun, 12-Jul-20 7:13 PM (48 minutes ago)
What's up with the spambot postings?,...hq pics but obviously not real NN people
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Sun, 12-Jul-20 7:13 PM (49 minutes ago)
Too many chores and need a maid!
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Sun, 12-Jul-20 6:37 PM (1 hour ago)
Good morning everyone c; I hope you all have a beautiful day or evening ahead!
Hello and you too smile
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
Thank you, you too xxx
(57 minutes ago)
You're just delicious!
(0 minutes ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 6:28 PM (1 hour ago)
Just sitting here naked drinking my coffee
Don't spill! grin
(1 hour ago)
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Grinding the bean instead of flicking... 😉
(1 hour ago)
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That would burn
(1 hour ago)
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Little kaloua ....
(1 hour ago)
love naked mornings!
(40 minutes ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 6:08 PM (1 hour ago)
Dissappointed, but not Surprised has been my biggest mood as of late.
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I hate that! I hope your mood gets better 😘
(1 hour ago)
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I hope you feel better soon! ^-^
(1 hour ago)
That's been me for almost 3 years!
(51 minutes ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 5:37 PM (2 hours ago)
Anyone else been watching Hanna Season 2? I enjoyed it.
Sounds good
(2 hours ago)
It does, I usually have eggs on toast, so this will make a change.
(2 hours ago)
Much better
(2 hours ago)
Well it won't make itself so ttfn smile
(1 hour ago)
I enjoyed that - Good decision. smile
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 5:32 PM (2 hours ago)
Chores are done.. time for a cold one and enjoying the rest of Sunday fun day smile
Enjoy! I'm out of beer and got no tonic left for my gin. sad
(2 hours ago)
That's a bummer...i only have a few left.. might have to go on a run haha
(2 hours ago)
I'll have to get some tomorrow, I can't be bothered going out again today.
(2 hours ago)
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Have fun c;!
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 5:20 PM (2 hours ago)
We should partition for a new category: Mask Photos.
Something like this?
(2 hours ago)
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The movie starring Jim Carrey?
(2 hours ago)
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then we will get -take it off! instead of -show your face!
(1 hour ago)
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That would make for some fun mysterious kink c;
(1 hour ago)
I submitted one a while back for this "not yet a category" category. I like lenny's! LOL
(1 hour ago)
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Sun, 12-Jul-20 5:13 PM (2 hours ago)
Has someone really been on cam for 168 hrs 51 mins?
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I'll post it to you then you'll get it.
(2 hours ago)
I'll put it on top of my TV
(2 hours ago)
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Maybe it will grow miniature cucumbers.
(2 hours ago)
Even better
(2 hours ago)
is it Allan again?
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 5:08 PM (2 hours ago)
PM me ladies for uncensored pics xx
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Sun, 12-Jul-20 5:02 PM (2 hours ago)
horny and alone
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Awwww don't be lonely I will be here c;
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 4:57 PM (3 hours ago)
Another one that just joined today and somehow has 40 photos posted already. Seems legit rolleyes
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same dude he used to post under austrian n german flag
(2 hours ago)
Was the flag at the end of his big pole?
(2 hours ago)
lol no he only post girls but the last posted ''Penni'' actually sounds like an aussiegirl
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
I was just about to post about this - now up to 66 pictures. How are they doing this?!
(56 minutes ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 4:52 PM (3 hours ago)
Sometimes at night, I see their faces, I feel the traces they've left on my soul....Those are the memories that made me a wealthy soul, Tell you, those are the memories that make me a wealthy soul....
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I love this this is beautiful c;
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 4:49 PM (3 hours ago)
Hello everyone! made the profile a while ago but just now getting into the community! like what i'm seeing.... always up for chats message away!
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What you been doing for the last 3.7 years?
(3 hours ago)
Not being on here lol
(3 hours ago)
Welcome back then lol.
(3 hours ago)
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I just mine too! The community is great isn't it c;
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 4:48 PM (3 hours ago)
Recommendations: Best shower gel that is non drying?
...and by that I don't mean it has a free towel with it!
(3 hours ago)
naa bar of olive soap is the best
(3 hours ago)
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Do you use that on your face too, or use something else?
(3 hours ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 4:46 PM (3 hours ago)
It’s a hot one 🥵 what’s everyone doing to stay cool!?
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Air conditioning. Thank you, Mr. Carrier!
(1 hour ago)
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First I take a semi cold shower and sit with a gentle fan on my face while I watch TV or read c:
(1 hour ago)
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Jumpin in the pooooooolllllll........
(58 minutes ago)
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The shower idea is good!
(8 minutes ago)
Pool eh!? Can Bella and I come take a dip in said pool 😁😇
(7 minutes ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 4:35 PM (3 hours ago)
Go to my account and rate my dick and thank you
Not even a please! Where did manners go?!
(3 hours ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 4:20 PM (3 hours ago)
Big and Hard
Small and soft
(3 hours ago)
Mount Everest?
(3 hours ago)
Sun, 12-Jul-20 4:17 PM (3 hours ago)
Spammer in chat Mod if possible pls
Sun, 12-Jul-20 4:08 PM (3 hours ago)
I broke into a sweat trying to relax. It's hot out, y'all.
The hotness gives me the horns, has a reverse effect on Daisy. So I have to keep her in near the a/c! tongue
(3 hours ago)
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